Speaker Event
Mitch Altman Open Source Hardware and

Arduino For Nubies - workshop

Bernd Fix Post-Quantum Crypto

Aleksandr Timorin SCADA deep inside: protocols and security mechanisms

Patroklos Argyroudis (argp) Project Heapbleed

Anil Kurmus The Linux kernel's attack surface

Anand Buddhdev An Introduction to Ansible

Vasil Kolev File encryption for untrusted remote file systems

Marian Marinov Protecting your car

Johanna Christina Sleep? Ain't nobody got time for that!

David Oswald Open, Sesame! On the Security of Electronic Locks

Milan Gabor, Danijel Grah Vaccinating Android

Greta Doci Women in Wikipedia

fin Fun with(out) Freedom of Information

Vesna Manojlovic - BECHA Using RIPE Atlas API for measuring IPv6 Reachability

Žarko Ptiček Where is Serbia in Copyright and Patents war?

Luka Gerzic Web dev’s common system security mistakes

Žarko Živanov Beginnings of the Home Computer (R)evolution in Yugoslavia

Aleksandar Pejić, Andrija Prčić Embedded Linux Device Drivers


Dobrica Pavlinušić Parallella - super computer for everyone

Moritz Bartl Tor project

Vlatko Kosturjak Exploring treasures of 77FEh

Tonimir Kisasondi Force multiplier - Guided password cracking

Miroslav Štampar Riding the Overflow - Then and Now

LUGoNS crew Rakija workshop


Petrovski Andrej Challenges of freedom of speech online: technical, legal and ethical aspects


Voja Antonic Hacking before computers

Predrag Bokšić Fractal Geometry and Programming in Java

Hrvoje Bogner Volunteered geographic information and OpenStreetMap


Ivica Kolenkaš Defining an abstract architecture for managing unstructured data using MongoDB - use case of vDrive

z0ran What is OpenSMTPD


Čaba Pardovicki Docker for fun and profit

Silvan Gebhardt BGP Routing


Marjan Urekar Event 50.0 Shades of Multimeters and The Oscilloscope Challenge - No buckets, no ice, just signals in 2D


Jelena Jovanovic Case Study: interception of torrent traffic and what should we do about it

Darko Ivkovic Overclocking the Humanity: The Science of Cycles Reveals Future Trends

Djordje Markovic Beginnings in 3d printing

Nikola Rasovic Home Automation for 50 euros


Nikola Novakovic, Nebojsa Vislavski Silicon Valley - Fireside chat about Startups, Open Source and Technology Stacks