Defining an abstract architecture for managing unstructured data using MongoDB - use case of vDrive

by Ivica Kolenkaš

Knowledge access and knowledge sharing is essential in contemporary classrooms. Building an university-level digital storage is important for empowering knowledge access. It is a way to improve efficient knowledge distribution and collaboration among students. Considering the importance of the knowledge sharing, it is important that it's foundation is solid, efficient and up to the challenge. In a case like this, where the system handles large amount of digital content, building a distributed storage system can be difficult. There are approaches for dealing with this problem which are inefficient, slow and they produce system bottlenecks while in action. This paper shows a different approach - proposed architecture depends on the MongoDB NoSQL database system for handling large binary files. If used, MongoDB database system serves as digital library storage, making disaster recovery possible regardless of the size of the content it manages. It is a distributed database system suitable for handling binary files with advanced replication mechanisms for securing its content. This abstract architecture will serve as a hardware-software plug-in to existing information systems, an extension allowing administrators to expand information systems with unstructured data handling capabilities.