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Speaker: Greta Doci


A hacktivist, open knowledge/culture promoter. ICT engineering student. In 2013 board member Open Labs Albania, the first community promoting the idea of free open source technologies in the country of the eagles, and organizer of OSCAL 2014 , a yearly conference in Albania dedicated to the community of open source and free software presentations from Albania and abroad. Since early 2013, an active contributor of wikipedia Albania [1] and I coordinate a project called WikiAkademia (part of Open Labs), its about making a tour all over Albanian teaching students and everyone else interested on how to contribute in Wikipedia (workshops) especially in Albanian version [2] and showing to them how important is to contribute for Wikipedia (presentations) When I’m not working on community-building at Open Labs, I talk at conferences and events promoting the importance of free software, host wikipedia/libreoffice workshops in different cities of Albania , like universities and schools in order to spread the importance of projects such as GNU/Linux, Wikipedia, LibreOffice and more.