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Speaker: Vesna Manojlovic (BECHA)


I have six hands with which I am juggling my six roles mother, hacker/activist, lover, expat, Ms Measurements, lecturer

For my work, I moved to Amsterdam from Belgrade, in 1999. At RIPE NCC, I was a trainer for 12 years, teaching ISPs around Europe and world about how Internet is governed and built, talking about DNS, IPv6, BGP, IETF, ICANN... Last 2 years I am a Community Builder around measurements and tools that R&D of RIPE NCC builds, that are looking at the stability & quality of Internet around the world.

Before that, during and after, I was an activist & hacker, taking part in Dutch hacker scene (Hippies From Hell) & conferences (HIP97, HAL2001, WTH2005, HAR2009 & OHM2013) and German Chaos Camps (CCC in '99, 2007, 2011); I started by being part on B92 & OpenNet in Belgrade, and part of communities/mailing lists syndicate & nettime. Currently, I am a secretary at the Amsterdam hackerspace: Technologia Incognita.

I have/had 3 children, with my Dutch ex-partner, and I am now "living apart together" with my wonderful love and lover.