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Three day tickets will be available for pre-order soon!

How to buy Tickets

Three day tickets are available for buy or pre-order. There is limited amount of tickets and will be sold on first come first served basis. To avoid waiting in long lines we urge you to come in early in the day.

Visitors from Serbia can by the tickets now, while visitors from abroad can only pre-order them, because of the high banking transactions on a payment from abroad.

You can buy or pre-order tickets on the following link:

We'll also sell tickets on site. Just show up at BalCCon2k14 and pay cash.


The BalCCon pre sale tickets and will close on September 04th 2014 at 23:59:59 CET.


BalCCon will cost us much more than standard tickets priced at 3000 RSD will pay. Thus we’ll sell supporter tickets for 5000 and 6000 RSD. Please consider buying one of these. Help us minimize our losses and support others who can’t afford paying much more! If for some reason you have trouble paying the full entrance fee, please send as an email on tickets(at) and we will find a solution together. For more information see the About the tickets section.

Ticket Prices

Category Price Comment
Standard 3000 RSD no separate invoice
Supporter I 5000 RSD no seperate invoice, but good feeling included
Supporter II 6000 RSD no seperate invoice still, but even better feeling included
Business 11000 RSD comes with an invoice that includes name and address
Up-and-coming FREE birthday after 05.09.1996 (younger than 18 yrs.), registration is necessary!
Students and unemployed 1500 RSD

Further information

Children under 12 in attendance adult get in for free. A single person officially accompanying a handicapped person gets in for free.

About the Tickets

Supporter Tickets

If you feel you can afford it, and if you feel that Congress might be worth it, please consider buying a supporter ticket. We sell these in two versions, one for 5000 and the other one for 6000 RSD. Which one you choose, if any, depends on you.

Business Tickets

Including the good feeling to have supported a good cause. If you or your employer want to support our event, please consider buying one of these tickets. We try hard to keep the normal tickets very cheap. Financial sponsoring helps us in achieving this aim. By offering Supporter and Business Tickets we try to provide you with a convenient way of supporting us that usually does not even require involvement of your company's marketing department. These are the only tickets that come with an invoice including a name and an address.


We are eager to support the young generation, so we offer free tickets for everybody up to the age of 18 (Birthday after 05.09.1996). Please bring a document stating your age.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on Tickets, Pricing and Ticket Sale


I need a receipt for my ticket. How do I get one?

An invoice containing your name and address is included with the business ticket only. All other tickets types come with all information that makes them a valid receipt. If you need something in addition, please contact us at tickets(at)

I'm a member of the press, a news agency, a documentary filmer or something like that. Are there press tickets?

Please write to orga(at)

Further Questions?

If you have further questions concerning the tickets please read this page again. If your question is still not answered contact us at tickets(at)