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July 03th 2014

Three day tickets are available for pre-order.

'There is limited amount of tickets and will be sold on first come first served basis. 'For visitor from Serbia - Tickets reserved on the ticket sale system have a payment deadline of 14 days, after which they go back into the ticket pool. You can cancel a ticket until we've generated the PDFs (approx. 2 weeks before the conference), but explicitly so and without resale.

Important: For foreign visitors we will have only on line reservation, because of the high banking transactions on a payment from abroad. Please print your Ticket and you will pay it on the cash desk in Serbian dinar. Tickets will be available for download from 20th August 2014.

You can buy or pre-order tickets on the following link:

We'll also sell tickets on site. Just show up at BalCCon2k14 and buy a ticket on the cash desk. More info about Tickets you can find on Tickets

Jun 15 2014

BalCCon2k14 new web site is finnaly online.